SHARE Program Overview

Middle School

Middle School Program Overview

Importance of “Guarding Your Heart”

  • Relationships – guidelines for successful relationships
  • Examine influence of peers and the importance of having the right ones
  • Look realistically at the pattern of “going together” and “breaking up” and its effects on their futures – explain how choices affect their future
  • Understanding the impact of bonding and the importance of waiting
  • Evaluate the importance of setting standards now before they begin dating that will benefit them long term
  • Understand that premarital sexual activity affects all of a person’s makeup:  physically, emotionally, socially, financially and mentally

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections

  • STI presentation – interactive
  • Become familiar with major STI’s and the health risks involved
  • Understand how STIs are transmitted
  • Understand the difference and danger of viral and bacterial STIs
  • Understand that ALL premarital sex puts them at risk of STIs

Goal Setting & Media Messages

  • Discussion of value of setting goals for oneself                                 
  • Discussion on destructive behavior patterns
  • Examine forms of media with influence on culture
  • Review power of advertising and media influence
  • Learn the value of thinking before acting
  • Recognize they can learn from mistakes and not repeat them
  • Identify various traps that get them off course and prevent them from reaching goals
  • Gain greater awareness of the media’s impact on their reasoning ability
  • Give students guidelines to help them evaluate media messages

High School

High School Program Overview


  • Identify the qualities desired in a date and in a lifetime partner
  • Discuss the dynamics of healthy relationships:  respect, similar values, unselfish love, honesty & trust, compromise and communication
  • Explore the stages for developing a healthy relationship using the RAM model (relationship attachment model) – KNOW, TRUST, RELY, COMMIT, TOUCH
  • Role play scenarios based on the healthy relationship model
  • Importance of guarding your heart
  • Understanding the differences (physically and emotionally) for guys and girls


The students will have a better understanding of the importance for a relationship to be based on a solid foundation.  There are many activities the students work through which helps them to make healthy choices and to recognize destructive behaviors.  A better understanding is given for how each gender thinks and some of the differences physically and emotionally in how they respond to various scenarios.  Each student will leave with the knowledge that they have value and the importance of respect in any relationship. The class deals with all relationships in general and not just those involving attraction.  The juniors/seniors in the class will be better equipped to handle the relationship pressures that come from their post high school experiences in college and the workforce.

Sexually transmitted diseases/infections::

  • Be able to identify common sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs), list symptoms, and understand how they are transmitted.
  • Recognize the dangers of STDs/STIs which lead to possible sterility and organ damage.
  • Discuss prevention of STDs/STIs, identifying abstinence as the only guaranteed prevention.
  • Discuss who is at risk for STDs/STIs.
  • Provide current statistics on how STIs are impacting the health care makeup for our students.


The students will have a better understanding of the nature of STIs as well as be equipped with information to allow them to make good choices for their overall health.  They will understand that being sexual is not just a physical activity but affects their emotions and heart as well.  Strong encouragement will be provided to make good choices for their health, to abstain from sexual activity, to be tested for STIs if they are sexually active, and to discontinue being sexually active if they have begun.


  • Explore how teenage pregnancy affects educational goals, finances, employment, social life and relationships.
  • Understand how parenthood would also impact their child’s health and well being.
  • Recognize the teen male’s responsibilities and challenges as a parent.
  • Review basic facts and terminology related to fertilization and the early stages of pregnancy.
  • Understand and recognize fetal development stages and the wonder of life! (conception – birth)
  • Recognize the importance of the father’s role in the life and well being of the child.
  • Learn about adoption services as an option for unplanned pregnancy and the laws pertaining to safe delivery of newborn laws.


The students will have a realistic understanding of the challenges that come with teen pregnancy.  They will understand that being sexually active puts them at risk for having an unplanned pregnancy.  The realization of being sexually abstinent until they are in a committed monogamous relationship being the healthiest choice for them physically is taught, and emphasis is given to raising children in a two-parent home in the bounds of a faithful monogamous relationship.